Sunshine and Lollipops

by anonymouser



In my infinite wisdom, on the day I started this blog, I drafted about 7 or 8 posts of ideas I had throughout the day, putting nothing more than the title and one word to remind me what to write.

And so I give you the above.

I have no clue whatsoever what I was going to write (specifically)

BUT!I can hazard a guess…

Pollution here is never too far from my mind – the air quality is so bad that the haze is visible between my window and whatever building is right across the street. Here in Winter when I mentioned it, they called it ‘fog’. I wonder what they would call it if I bothered to mention it now.

At around 6pm when I am at work a strong stench begins to pervade the stairwells at each end of the building. I have no idea what it is, only that outside they are burning something (under the cover of darkness). If I were to describe the aroma I might say ‘burning tyres’, though I’m probably wrong in guessing that. And there is no smoke visible in the building. Just a strong toxic stench that makes my skin crawl.

Scarily – the last few times I have come home to China after being away for at least a week, I have not had ‘throat burn’, as I used to get when first breathing in the air. And it would last a good couple of days. I read on someone elses blog recently, possibly here, that Chinas air quality is about 6 times the limit for ‘safe’ air quality.