The Ayi

by anonymouser

We have an Ayi who comes 6 days a week to clean the apartment. For the uninitiated, an Ayi does everything from housekeeping to child-minding, depending on the individual arrangement. Anyway, our Ayi is for the most part sullen and a little odd. Generally she buzzes around muttering to herself (constant muttering), which has gotten to the point where I am wondering if she is all there. She has never once replied to my Ni hao. So I’ve given that up.

I used to feel sorry for her having to clean (what I assume is) all 4 of the staff apartments in our complex. Until the day I busted her resting. Not that I blame her (and I have done similar myself). But often times I see her getting quite frantic to try and get everything done. Procrastination is an art form here, at least the way it’s practiced…

So yeah. We have this stupid and frankly bizarre chair in our apartment. The stupid part is obvious – the bizarre aspect I mostly attribute to the placement – it is sideways against a wall, facing a wall, in an area that no one uses… if I cared more I’d ask where it came from…but I save my breath and write it off as ‘….eh, China’.

So one Saturday I come home from the gym and as I push open the front door I hear a sort of scurrying. But when I walk in all I see is this chair (it’s on springs…) merrily Boing-oing-oinging…busted.

Chilli Chair