Month: May, 2012

This guy

is awesome.

That looks super comfortable.


About the best gift ever.

I’m not sure if this is meant to be a snack to take home, or a gift idea to buy when visiting someone. These were stacked up in the front of a shop at the airport. I also saw them at a shop at the border the other day near the duty free alcohol.

Chinese Humour..

I probably shouldn’t title this ‘Chinese Humour’, but I will get to the Chinese bit eventually.

The other day when I was exiting the canteen at work with 2 of my Hong Kongese colleagues, one girl bent double with laughter after having pointed out that the chef (who is also the chef who comes to our apartment to cook our dinner) was watching us leave the canteen. I must assume that she was inferring that he was crushing on one of us. Or all of us. I am still not sure why this is funny. But it’s typical of the immature mindset here.

On ChinaSmack, the recent post ‘School Fun’ listed ‘a collection of jokes and humour and observations’ about students and teachers, translated to English.

Can you separate the jokes from the observations, from the completely unintelligible?

‘A person was tricked into joining a pyramid scheme, but during class he would be asleep, during meals awake–even eating more than everyone else–and would also flirt with the female classmates, and was ultimately expelled.’

‘A student sleeps in class. The teacher yells and wakes him, asking: “Why are you sleeping in class?” “I feel unbearable.” “Oh, are you sick?” “No, I feel unbearably sleepy…”’

‘May those who have studied a lot but keep saying they’re going to fail have their predictions come true.’

‘Men are like the food in the school dining hall. Though lousy, there’s still none left if you’re late!’

No, me either.


And I have no idea why.

Let’s revisit this: